Tuesday, September 10, 2013

canadian experience

TELUS - #PLAYWITHTHEBEST- Dale Douglas. from CHAD JONES on Vimeo.

I know what you're thinking...what the heck is a video about Canada doing on a blog about fly fishing the third coast? Well it's probably because I didn't have anything else to post AND this video has some of the best dramatic slow mo's I seen in a minute.

Boat update- She officially floats! We've been working on cleaning up over 50 years of gunk from the inside and we sanded down the seats and coated them with poly...lookin real clean. More pics/mods/swag to come. Were still working on a logo design to slap on the hull as well. Redfish will be caught soon. No doubt in my mind.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

project boat

1963 Arkansas Traveler in pretty darn good condition. We have high hopes for this project so let the games begin.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

things to come

redfish- you can run but you cant hide

The future is kinda mysterious. This morning has me wondering just what the future will hold for us. Hopefully a boat though. A beautifully used  two tone Jon boat with a painted mouth like a fighter jet and decked like a poling skiff. Tomorrow Sam and I may be going up to pick up a 14 foot aluminum v-hull Jon boat that looks like a craigslist treasure, holding value only a few broke college kids with blurry visions of bruiser redfish and chartreuse backing would see. A complete game changer. That's what I hope for the future; but then again, who knows. Our dreams may sink faster than a holey hull. Stay tuned.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 things we did NOT read online...

...before driving around trying to catch trout (more specifically, a trout home run, consisting of any three of the major trout species in one day).

 the least of our trouble

You can read all you want online about the rivers that are fishing best and what kind of water to fish and what flies to get into that perfect drift, but the truth is that all that info is mostly meaningless once you're out there and get replaced by nagging details. We found this truth within the first few hours of being in Colorado. Here's the 5 things learned real quick:

          1. Fence lines are hard to see on Google Maps- I probably spent over 5 cumulative hours on Google Earth before heading out, finding the best looking most easily accessible yet remote spots on the river and marking them with way points. What I found out was that most of them were past a fence on someone else's private property- not to be waded into either because of Colorado's ingenious river laws.

          2. Dehydration happens before you are thirsty- Most mornings, the thing farthest from our mind was hydrating properly. I began to regret it when I was wading over slippery rocks, falling left and right from dizziness. The trout laughed at me.

          3. EFF fishing midday- Seriously, this was our very first mistake we made. There are a few issues with midday fishing such as the stressful realization that you are sacrificing your lunch to try to coax finicky trout into eating theirs OR the well known fact that the sun dries up all the good vibes midday. So its a better idea just to run into town and style on some pizza and brew so your well rested for the evening hatch.

          4. When sifting through local advice- Always take the humble ramblings of well to do locals seriously. We ran into one such case at a hostel in Salida. He quietly told us stories about killer fishing he had done over the years and how he had started tying a sinking mosquito fly for big browns on one certain stretch of river that he recommended we both fish at and keep our lips shut about....it was our best day of fishing.

          5. Have a sleeping plan for post night fishing- One of the worst feelings I had last week was realizing we didn't have a place to sleep once the bite died at 12:30am and we were close to 2 miles down a canyon from our car. In this instance, Advil PM came in handy while sleeping upright in a car seat that would have been to small for me sitting back in 4th period french. BUT the situation could have been avoided by bringing our camping gear.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

colorado vibe

Sam and I spent the past few days driving through Colorado trying to catch a few last minute vibes before school starts back up. We decided the Arkansas River would be our best bet for finding consistent fishing. So after booking a one way flight with Spirit Airlines and stomaching an 11 hour unexplained delay at IAH, we were heading south out of Denver toward Fairplay South Park to get a little taste of the South Platte before heading on to the Arkansas.

sage rodz

Slow midday fishing on the Platte mixed with one hour of sleep and a severe lack of water made for a pretty rough day. We managed a few pretty fingerlings and 2 lost BIG fish, one of which bent the bend in my hook about halfway. The Brown sipped my foam #6 hopper, I set the hook and felt his weight before he threw it back at me. I raged. 

sam at the south platte

The next day we fished the Arkansas north of Buena Vista at Railroad bridge which ended up to be a bust as well, we were a bit out of form and fishing fast pocket water that we were not used to. So we continued to drive south after picking up a french press and a pound of the darkest roast coffee The Roastery in BV had. Much needed. This is how we hydrated most all of the week.

full court press

We took a right off 285 and cruised up the Chalk Creek road as far as Sam's 98 Cherokee 4X4 would take us and fished Chalk creek. Fish and Vibes were caught.

chalk creek brookies

Middays were spent cruising through mountain towns and checking out the scene, we found out real quick that fish were not about eating lunch. So we headed back out to the Arkansas and fished Browns Canyon in the PM. We found browns along the edges of the river at dusk and rainbows were taking streamers at night. It was legit.


We received a little insider information from a local Salidanite at the Simple Lodge/Hostel about a spot south of Salida that had been fishing superiorly so we saved that for our last morning in the Rad. Turns out he had the right info, as we proceeded to tear em up...

18 inch browns for days
stank face
hopper scene
Things we learned

          1. Colorados recreation scene is unreal
          2. The Arkansas has a TON of public river access.
          3. Salida is Vibey
          4. Dont fish midday
          5. Bring water everywhere--------dehydration--------

Last look....

iphone pano